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Hello, Hallo, Hola, Shalom, Selam, Sawadee, Suasdey.

This is my new journal! Being that it's new, there's not much just yet. I hope to change that and write things, well, about me and my interest, foreign things and languages. WoooHooo.

Name: Levi
Interests: languages, music, foreign things, boys.
Location: LB Californiaaaaaaa

And thats about it for the first entry! If you want, add me and we'll pretend we've been friends since childhood.

Vreden in Swedish means "The wrath" It's actually the title of a song from a band called Sive. I don't think theyre that big I just came across the mp3 somewhere online a while ago, and even though I didn't like the song at first, it kind of grew on me. Screamo type music, I think.

Thank you!
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