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Anal sex   
06:43am 01/12/2005
  The following swedish text is from here

The English version is my 10 minute translation. Full of mistakes and all. I figured I should find articles and translate them as a means to just get better. Not being too "anal" about it all. Just so its understandable............ :-D

Hur har man bästa analsexet?
Fråga: Jag och min pojkvän pratar om att testa analsex. Gör det ont som de flesta påstår? Är det något speciellt man bör tänka på. Vilka ställningar är bäst om man vill ha sex analt?

Linn svarar:Analsex kräver stor respekt, tillit, trygghet och lyhördhet för varandra. Den grundläggande förutsättningen är att ni båda två är helt överens om att ni vill prova. Renlighet är naturligtvis på sin plats och att tarmen är tömd. Däremot ska ni inte använda lavemang eller andra tarmrensande medikament. Använd kondom så förhindras bakterieöverföring. Tänk också på att aldrig gå från analsex till vaginalsex, utan att tvätta av penis/byta kondom. Bakterierna från ändtarmen kan orsaka stora problem i slidan. Använd rikligt med vatten- eller silikonbaserat glidmedel. Diverse oljor kan skada kondomen! Slappna av och värm gärna upp analöppningen med smekningar och att föra in ett finger försiktigt. Slutmuskeln är hård och inte lika elastisk som slidan. Det som kan vara oerhört smärtsamt vid anala samlag är när penetreringen blir för hårdhänt och snabb. Stanna upp direkt om det gör ont. En samlagsställning som är tacksam är om din pojkvän ligger ner och du sitter ovanpå, som i ridställning. Då kan du själv styra inträngandet och stanna upp om det gör ont. Det allra viktigaste är att analsexet sker med ömsesidighet.

How does one best have analsex?

Question: My boyfriend and I talk about trying out anal sex. Does it hurt like most say? Is there anything in particular one should consider/ think about?. Which positions are best if one wants to have sex anally?.

Linn answer: Anal sex demands great respect, trust, safety and care (keenness) for one another. The basic requirements are that you two both fully agree that you want to try. Cleanliness is of course in order and that the intestine is emptied. However you should not use an enema or other intestine cleaning agents. Use condoms in order to prevent transfer of bacteria. Also keep in mind to never go from anal sex to vaginal sex without washing off the penis / changing condoms. The bacteria from the rectum can cause major problems in the vagina. Use lots of water or silicon based lube. Various oils can harm the condom!Loosen Relax and warm the anal opening by carressing it. Insert a finger in carefully. The rear muscles are strong and not so elastic like the vagina. Anal intercourse can be tremendously painful when the penetration is too rough and quick. Stand up directly if it hurts. An intercourse position which is rewarding is if your boyfriend lays down and you sit on top of him, like in a riding position. Then you can control the penetration and stand up if it hurts. The most important factor is that anal sex takes place with mutual agreement.


kräva/er: demand, require
tillit: trust
överens: agreed
på sin plats: lit. at its place, called for, in order
ett lavemang: enema
tvätta/r:to wash
orsaka/r: to cause
slappna/r: to loosen
en smekning: carress, endearment
försiktigt: carefully
smärtsam: painful, distressing
ett samlag: sexual intercourse, coitus
ske/r: to take place, occur

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Prop 73   
09:27pm 12/11/2005
mood: drunk
Something I found on craigslist. Haha I'm also kind of drunk right now, I found it by accident and it was interesting. here what's posted here is the same thing there but that link will eventually die, so it's here for keepsakes. Enjoy!

'I didn't write this and have no way of knowing whether or not the information is inaccurate. It is highly dangerous to perform an abortion without a physician's aid. However, I saw this on Craigslist, and thought the info should be more widely available. My posting this does not constitute a recommendation.' my disclaimer written for me by pathawi :-P

losangeles.craigslist.org > politics > Teen Girls: How to do Abortions at Home
last modified: Mon, 7 Nov 13:49 PST

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Teen Girls: How to do Abortions at Home
Reply to: see below
Date: 2005-11-07, 1:18PM PST

I will be offering my services to teenage girls needing abortions if Prop 73 passes. I should let you know that I've not been schooled in medicine nor in any healthcare field. But that's okay with Republicans, who are intent on helping me to start my (very profitable) business. It must be part of God's plan, if I am to go by their logic.

No law invented abortion, and no law can stop it. It is part of the human condition and my wish is for every woman's life to be honored and respected.
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Rainy day   
05:24pm 09/11/2005
mood: bra

Jag tog den här bilden på min balkong.

Ik heb deze foto gemaakt op mijn balkon

Idag började regnet att falla ner. Jag undrar vart flyger fåglarna fåglarna flyger när det regnar.

Vandaag begon het te regenen. Ik vraag me af waar vogels naar toe vliegen als het regent.

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Hello, Hallo, Hola, Shalom, Selam, Sawadee, Suasdey.   
04:22pm 09/11/2005
mood: accomplished
This is my new journal! Being that it's new, there's not much just yet. I hope to change that and write things, well, about me and my interest, foreign things and languages. WoooHooo.

Name: Levi
Interests: languages, music, foreign things, boys.
Location: LB Californiaaaaaaa

And thats about it for the first entry! If you want, add me and we'll pretend we've been friends since childhood.

Vreden in Swedish means "The wrath" It's actually the title of a song from a band called Sive. I don't think theyre that big I just came across the mp3 somewhere online a while ago, and even though I didn't like the song at first, it kind of grew on me. Screamo type music, I think.

Thank you!

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